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Prosječna ocjena zadovoljstva studiranjem - ak. god. 2021/2022


Professional Study Physiotherapy

Basic data

Title of the study programme: Undergraduate Professional Study of Physiotherapy

Study programme implementor: The Faculty of Health Studies University of Rijeka

Duration of the study programme: 3 years

Enrolment requirements: Completed four-year secondary school and passed the state graduation exam.

Organization of the study and teaching:
Education comprises compulsory, general-educational and professional courses, i.e. basic medicine, preclinical, clinical and public health courses, and acquisition of knowledge and skills in all areas of physiotherapy. In addition to compulsory courses, a certain number of elective courses are also offered. The teaching is held in the form of lectures, exercises, seminars, demonstrations, and consultations in the teaching bases of the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Rijeka. The teaching in the form of professional practice is held at the clinical hospitals, county hospitals, general and special hospitals, and in health centres. In basic medical courses a student is introduced to the structure and function of the human body with a special focus on the structure and function of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. In the preclinical courses, the basics of physiotherapy are studied, i.e. certain mechanisms and techniques that can be used in physical therapy to affect individual tissues, organs and organic systems. In the clinical courses, the applications of physiotherapy to specific conditions, with the obligatory acquisition of the knowledge and skills in the children's habilitation, and in the rehabilitation of children and adults are studied. Namely, physiotherapy is a health care profession, which has its application in all age groups. In addition to physiotherapeutic procedures in the disease, it encompasses the health and prevention promotion methods, as well as habilitation and rehabilitation. During the study, the student is introduced to the basics of scientific research, statistics, and medical informatics. The final thesis is defended at the end of the study.
Qualification and title: Upon completion of the study, the professional title, Bachelor of Physiotherapy is acquired

Abbreviation of the professional title: bacc. physioth.

After the study:
Upon completion of the study, a bachelor of physiotherapy will acquire the knowledge and skills needed for conducting professional work, which includes procedures for improving health, preventing and treating the disease, as well as habilitation and rehabilitation. The bachelor of physiotherapy will work according to the principles of medical ethics in compliance with international codes of conduct in health care. He/she is an active member of a professional rehabilitation team and in a team with the doctor of appropriate specialization plans,applies kinesiotherapy procedures and applies other physical procedures bearing in mind an individual approach to a patient by holistic principle. The bachelor of physiotherapy will be able to assess the educational needs, apply the principles and techniques while teaching individuals, families, and communities. In addition, he/she will have the ability to recognize their own needs and the possibility of further learning, keep track of related sciences and apply his/her knowledge in the profession, monitor physiotherapy research and participate in them.