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Prosječna ocjena zadovoljstva studiranjem - ak. god. 2021/2022


Professional Study of Radiological Technology

Basic Data

Title of the study programme: Undergraduate Professional Study of Radiological Technology

Study programme implementor:The Faculty of Health Studies University of Rijeka

Duration of the study programme: 3 years

Enrolment requirements: Completed four-year secondary school and passed the state graduation exam, physical examination.

Organization of the study and teaching:
Education for the title of bachelor of radiological technology comprises compulsory, general-medical, preclinical and clinical courses. The teaching is held to a lesser extent in the form of lectures, but mostly in the form of seminars, exercises, demonstrations, and professional practice at clinical institutes for radiology, oncology with radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.In general-medical courses a student is introduced to the structure and function of the human organism. In preclinical courses, the mechanisms of the disease, its causes, and the way of drug action are studied. In clinical medical courses, the diseases, the methods of identifying them, as well as their prevention and treatment are studied.
During the study, the student is introduced to the basics of statistics and informatics.
Within the radiological preclinic, the student learns the basics of radiological anatomy and pathology, imaging techniques, conventional diagnostic radiological methods, basic principles of the construction of radiological equipment, formation and biological activity, and protection against ionizing radiation. In professional courses, the student learns about all radiologic conventional and computerized technologies, radiotherapy methods as well as radionuclide diagnostics and therapy. The student also learns about medical and radiological terminology as well as access to radiological literature in one of the foreign languages. The final thesis is defended at the end of the study.
Qualification and title: Upon completion of the study, the professional title, Bachelor of Radiological Technology is acquired

Abbreviation of the professional title: bacc. radiol. techn.

After the study:
Upon completion of a one-year professional-level internship program and passing a professional exam, a bachelor of radiological technology obtains a license for independent work. The bachelor of radiological technology is able to work throughout the entire career with the obligation to attend professional courses in the field of protection against ionizing radiation by taking tests and obtaining a work license every five years.It is also desirable to attend professional courses on a regular basis and to gain knowledge about the most recent professional achievements. Numerous bachelors of radiological technology after passing a professional exam choose to work in one of the hospital facilities, health centres or specialized radiological facilities.