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Prosječna ocjena zadovoljstva studiranjem - ak. god. 2021/2022


Graduate University Study of Physiotherapy

Basic Data

Title of the study programme: Graduate University Study of Physiotherapy

Study programme implementor: The Faculty of Health Studies University of Rijeka

Duration of the study programme: 2 years

Organization of the study and teaching:
The European and world standards of education in the field of physiotherapy emphasize the need for education of physiotherapists at the undergraduate and graduate level. It is also necessary that physiotherapists educated for the teaching participate in the implementation of a narrow vocational field and clinical practice. In accordance with the aforementioned, and also at the Chamber of Physiotherapists long-lasting insistence, a university degree programme was launched which enabled a vertical alignment in education. The expected duration of the university degree programme is two years or 120 ECTS points. Education covers 19 compulsory courses grouped into five modules.During the first year of the study, general-compulsory courses, such as Measurement and assessment of pain, Approach to persons with disabilities, Rights and obligations in health professions, and Management in health care are held. Afterwards, the module of scientific research method is presented, where the student will deepen his/her knowledge regarding the scientific approach to the research.Also, in the first year, the student becomes acquainted with the pedagogical approaches as well as with the art of teaching within the psychological-pedagogical module. In the second year, two modules are linked exclusively to the acquisition of the additional skills in physiotherapy, such as movement analysis and group projects where the student will acquire additional knowledge and skills related to the locomotor apparatus as well as therapeutic treatments of neurological and cardio-pulmonary diseases. According to the data obtained from the Croatian Institute of Public Health, chronic non-communicable diseases, such as respiratory diseases, heart and blood vessels diseases, and musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases are steadily rising. During the study, the student is required to choose three courses among the offered elective courses. During the graduate study, the students will acquire, among other things, all the knowledge and skills that are essential for participation in the educational process.The obtained knowledge and skills will also contribute to better education of the candidates for the introduction of the changes within the very profession of physiotherapy focusing on the application of the most recent achievements of this fast developing profession, thereby reaching the knowledge and skills of their colleagues in the EU.  
At the end of the study, the student writes master's thesis based on the research.

Qualification and title: Master of Physiotherapy (M.Sc.Physioth.)

Abbreviation of the title: mag. physioth.

I. year

Disabled persons
Educational psychology
Evidence-based medicine
Fundamentals of Scientific Research Logic and Methodology
General Pedagogy
Interdisciplinary approach to research and statistics in health care
Manager in Health System
Medical informatics
Methods of pain measurement
Rights and obligations in health care practice
Teaching in medical education 
The incidence of injuries in sport -elective
Team work -elective
Scientific elements of manual therapy -elective
Propaedeutic skills for physical therapist -elective
Physical activity and immune system -elective
Group psychotherapy basics -elective
Community-based Rehabilitation -elective
Communications skills -elective
Basics of Medical Ethics and Bioethics -elective

II. year

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy
Functional assessment
Neurophysiology of locomotion
Physiotherapy in sports
Physiotherapy of musculosceletal system