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Prosječna ocjena zadovoljstva studiranjem - ak. god. 2021/2022


Graduate University Study of Midwifery

Basic Data

Name of the study programme: Graduate University Study of Midwifery

Institution implementing the study programme: TheFaculty of Health Studies University of Rijeka

Duration of the study programme: 2 years

About the study programme:
Midwifery is a regulated profession whose education is conditioned by EU Directive 2005/36/EC and the Act on Regulated Professions and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications. The Croatian Chamber of Midwives for years has been expressing an interest in launching the graduate study in order to advance the education of its members – the bachelors of midwifery, which would ensure the continuity in education of midwives as a regulated profession, since midwifery is the only health profession that has not been able to raise the vertical alignment within an education system.

The practice of the master of midwifery involves coordinating the team of midwifery care, especially when a multidisciplinary approach is needed and managing the work of gynaecology and obstetrics departments, clinics and institutions. The special demand for masters of midwifery is reflected in the educational system. The masters of midwifery could take over the education of pupils and students of midwifery in the status of teachers, respectively course instructors of the professional courses in midwifery care. It would also allow scientific research in midwifery, which is still unknown in this profession, and is addressed by only a small number of midwives who acquired their graduate education in some other related professions, such as nursing, or educational rehabilitation.
In accordance with the activities and competences of masters of midwifery, the emphasis in their education is placed on the development of the management skills, scientific research and teaching skills. Therefore, the study programme includes 20 compulsory and 11 elective courses. As scientific research and evidence-based midwifery care interventions are the only real path to midwifery development and direct midwifery from the profession to science, during the first year of study are offered the courses focusing on science and teaching skills, such as The Art of Medical Teaching, Master's Thesis Draft, Science and Society, Advanced Statistics in Biomedicine and Health Care, Medical Informatics, Ethics in Scientific Research and Practice, Communication Skills, Application of Health Legislation in the Republic of Croatia and the EU, Didactics, Contemporary Psychology Topics, Midwifery Control and Efficiency System, Management and Economics in Health Care and Safe Motherhood and the Promotion of Woman's Health. In the second year of study, the courses are related to the acquisition of additional knowledge and skills in midwifery: Midwifery Developmental Psychology, Sexuality and Sexual Health, Psychological Aspects of Parenting, Physiology and Dynamics of Early Childhood Development, Ultrasound Pregnancy Monitoring, Prevention and Control of Health Care Associated Infections, Early Intervention and Supervision in Midwifery. During the study, the student is required to select 11 elective courses related to the profession. The final requirement for completion of the study programme is writing a research-based master's thesis.

Qualification and title: Master of Midwifery

Abbreviation of the title: mag. obs.